Double Scorpio - Sapphire 10ml.

Double Scorpio - Sapphire 10ml. - Night Owl Fans

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 Double Scorpio’s “Farm to Disco” formula. The cleaner that everyone will be gagging about. One experience and you’ll definitely see why. Ethically sourced in Austin, Texas, and engineered with a top biochemist. Double Scorpio Sapphire sits at the juncture between sensuality and science.10ml bottle

                             ****Warning not for human consumption****


These products are not sold for human consumption and are in accordance with CPSA, 15 USC § 2051-2084, at §2057a, §2057b and §2068. Isobutyl nitrite is not to be confused with amyl nitrite, and nitrites in general are not to be confused with nitrates. Amyl nitrite is a prescription-only drug. All of our products contain highly pure isobutyl nitrite and are not controlled by the FDA.  All items are fully in compliance of labeling regulations.


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