Double Scorpio - Emerald 10ml.

Double Scorpio - Emerald 10ml. - Night Owl Fans

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It’s that tingle down your spine that signals there’s a new chick in town. Her name is Double Scorpio Emerald, and she certainly is precious. Formulated with a hint of peppermint and a dash of eucalyptus, this custom blend will delight all of your senses while you clean that pesky leather. When the hairs on your arm stand up, you know this gem is rock solid. Handcrafted with care in the heart of Texas, you'll find that anything is possible with Double Scorpio Emerald.10ml bottle


                                        ****Warning Not For Human Consumption*****

 These products are not sold for human consumption and are in accordance with CPSA, 15 USC § 2051-2084, at §2057a, §2057b and §2068. Isobutyl nitrite is not to be confused with amyl nitrite, and nitrites in general are not to be confused with nitrates. Amyl nitrite is a prescription-only drug. All of our products contain highly pure isobutyl nitrite and are not controlled by the FDA.  All items are fully in compliance of labeling regulations.


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