About US

It happens to us all, right ........You have a friend come over, the mood starts to heat up and then we got to pull out our lube, cleaners, or sex pills and wouldn't you know they are gone.  After multiple late night trips to the local pharmacy or other adult stores I thought, why isn't their a delivery service for adult products so I don't have to waste time and leave my friend at the house.  Time that right with me getting laid off from my corporate 9-5 job and just like that NIght Owl ATL was born and now its almost a year later and she is a evolving in such a wonderful way thanks to all our customers.



Our promise to our customers


We have made a promise to our customers to make sure we provide a store that has affordable prices and a speedy delivery.  We also have made a commitment to make sure all our customers information remains private.   We will strive to make sure our emails and promotions provide value to the community or customers they are marketed too.   We want you to learn something or add value to your day, when we market to you.  There will never just be an email with a coupon from Night Owl. 


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